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Before proceeding to the registration form please, carefully read through this important information or download the pdf format at the bottom of this page to read later.

Our Mission Statement

To equip leaders through relevant training to love God and love people to Christ, live a Christ-like life, and serve as agents of transformation in the society

1. Our Goal

Learning involves transformation, a change in knowledge and behaviour. The holistic transformation of the students in the cognitive (knowing), affective (feeling and attitude), and volitional (doing or behaviour) domains is the goal of the teaching-learning process. We aim at achieving this goal through a combination of high spiritual, academic, biblical, and theological standards. However, a great deal depends on the students. Therefore, we implore our students to cooperate maximally with us toward the realization of this noble goal.

2. The Bible

The Bible, God’s written revelation, remains the fundamental subject matter of Christian education, spiritual transformation its goal, and the work of the Holy Spirit its essential dynamic. Therefore, all works, discussions and resolution of important subjects should be consistent with the Bible, aimed at promoting the spiritual transformation of the students, and be dependent on the enablement and power of the Holy Spirit for effectiveness.

3. The Students

Students are required to attend all classes and to participate actively in the overall teaching-learning process of the institution. Lateness and absenteeism would not be tolerated.  The schedule of daily activities on table 1 would be strictly adhered to.

Schedule of Activities for each Module

8am – 8:30am9am – 10am10am – 1ipm11pm – 1pm1pm – 2pm2pm – 5pm
1st SaturdayExams for the previous moduleExams for the previous moduleModule Registration and Chapel PrayersLecturesBreakLectures
2nd SaturdayChapel PrayersLecturesLecturesLecturesBreakLectures
3rd SaturdayTestChapel ServicesLecturesLecturesBreakLectures
4th SaturdayChapel PrayersLecturesLecturesLecturesBreakLectures

4. Test and Assignments

A number of test(s) and assignments that would account for 60% of the total score for each course would be given to the students for each module. These are aimed at helping the students to study more broadly and in-depth in order to gain the most from the course. Minimum requirements for these test(s) and assignments are as follows:

  • One test within the lecture period;
  • Reading assignments to cover the entire lecture notes, and from additional relevant materials of not less than 200 pages for PGD students and 150 pages for OD & BA students. Students are required to submit brief reading reports, including a logging of the dates and times spent on the readings.
  • A course paper of about 10 typed A4 pages for PGD students, 8 pages for BA students, and 6 pages for OD students, with double spacing, using font size 12 of Times New Roman, and with proper  documentation. 

5. End of Collection of Assignment(s)

Deadlines for the submission of all assignments should be strictly adhered to

6. Grading System

70% and aboveA5
60 – 69%B4
50 – 59%C3
45 – 49%D2
40 – 44%E1
Less than 40%F0

7. Schedule of Fees

The schedule of fees and related information is as shown on the table below. Students are required to pay the required fees for each module before partaking in lectures and other activities for the module.

Type of feesAmount
Fees per module
Tuition—per module O.D/B.A 4,200.00
Tuition—per module P.G.D 7,000.00
Other fees—Once payment
Application/Registration—O.D/B.A 6,000.00
Application/Registration—P.G.D 8,000.00
Graduation/Internship Report—O.D/B.A 10,000.00
Graduation—O.D/B.A 10,000.00
Graduation Report—P.G.D 15,000.00
Graduation—P.G.D 15,000.00

In addition to the above fees, students are required to purchase relevant textbooks and other materials for each module.

Requirements for Processing of Admission into GHTI

  1. Pay for and collect the application and reference forms (this fee is apart from the admission and ID card fees).
  2. Duly fill the forms and return them to the office with the following;
  3. Two (2) recent passport sized photographs on white background (name and signature at the back),
  4. Photocopies of relevant academic credentials,
  5. Hand-written account of conversion,
  6. Signature on a plain sheet (use black pen),
  7. Blood group.